Friday, 17 November 2017

a star is born

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Another new pattern for the, ummm, Medallion Series …

Penta Fleur medallion

This was made over a week back. Nothing much to write here. I wanted to throw off the central ring from a chain and this pattern was the result of that quest. It is tatted in one pass.

I do like the way the long/double picot completes a ‘petal’ and a 5-petalled flower emerges from the confines of a pentagonal star. Based on this I decided on the name and when I Googled it, found that Pentas or penta fleur really is a flower ! Also called Egyptian Star. How opportune is that! Except that I'd already completed it in green otherwise perhaps a red or pink would be more appropriate.

I used Anchor size 20 but we know that it is thicker than Lizbeth 20.
Measures approx 6.5 cms at the broadest points.
Tats up real quick but a picot gauge is required for the long picot. I used a 3/8” gauge held vertically ie. perpendicular to the core thread.

The first trial in tinted blue. Not all chains of same length; other minor tweaks also went on.

Incidentally, while making this, if I had joined the chains differently I get another pattern. I’m really eager to see if the idea works!

This is a diagram-only presentation. In case of any difficulty, you know where I’ll be ;-D

happy tatting always !

Monday, 13 November 2017

binging on picots

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Who would've thought !
What can I say, it happens....

Remember adding picots to the doily challenge?
My plan was to repeat dot picots in the 3rd round of Frywolaga’s Doily#10. After tatting 3 chains, it just did not cut it for me. There was no enhancement - quite the contrary – almost tacky.
Out came the snippers and, hey what the heck, I fell back on our trusted, time-tested regular humble picots!

Why not go the whole hog? And it seems to works, doesn't it ?!
Measures just over 6.5cms in size 40 (without taking picots into account).

The unintentional upswing is how all linked rings (rounds 2 & 3) form continuous garland around.
Just like in my clover wreath pattern – when tessellated, the pair of rings from each motif form a floret! It was unplanned - the florets just emerged.
It amazes me how every little experiment offers learning, discerning, and designing opportunities!

This is turning out to be quite a fun learning experience :-)

binging laced with no calories – happy tatting J

Friday, 10 November 2017

Am I the right person?

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Especially where picots on tatted lace are concerned?
I generally go for minimum decorative picots, preferring clean lines that show the design clearly. Not that I don't admire the lacy, airy effect of picots.

A couple of weeks back Agnieszka (Frywolaga) invited her readers to a fun picot challenge.
She usually makes 2 versions of her beautiful patterns – one with and other without decorative picots. This time she shared a picture of her Doily #10 without free picots and those interested need to put in picots where they wish. She sends out instructions for the next round when the previous is finished.

When I first set eyes on her doily I loved the simple lines and didn’t want to muck or clutter it up with picots (sorry, dear picot-ists, no offence ;-D). But when I received the 1st round pattern, I had to think slightly out of the box and came up with the following …

Here are my first 2 rounds worked in Anchor size 40 …
I used a double picot in round 1 enhancing the floral effect.
Measures 2.5cms
She shares her suggestion here

Dot picots in the 2nd round.
Measures just over 5cms

I hope to repeat both type of picots in later rounds.

It really is fun! And knowing the complete design, it becomes easier to plan ahead. Just hope I do a good enough job while enjoying the journey. If you wish to join in, the links above provide all the information.

What I did muck up, though, was this simple pattern - the Onion Ring Magic Square #2. I had no problem following the pattern or direction, yet stumbled on simple joins! Thrice rings are attached incorrectly. Noticed only in the picture when the negative space seemed wonky. 

Since I wanted only the one square, most joining picots in outer chains were discarded. (Next time I might even discard the free picots on inner rings ;-P)

Onion rings were tatted with same shuttle. Inner ring from backside, turn work, outer ring from frontside. Outer ring is looped from Behind the inner ring as I had done for the marigolds here.. I found it much quicker to work especially when not using 2 colours. This is the onion ring join used - very effective.

with or without picots, tatting is always lacy fun J